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ZZ Plant Zamia 1 Gallon Pot Height 16″ to 22″

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ZZ Plant Zamia Zamifolia – Low Light Plant – 1 Gallon Pot – Overall Height 16″ to 22″ – Tropical Plants of Florida (Plant Only) : Garden & Outdoor

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10 reviews for ZZ Plant Zamia 1 Gallon Pot Height 16″ to 22″

  1. C. Adams

    It arrived much faster than I expected. There were 4 large plants and thank God I had a pot and soil large enough! I am extremely pleased!

  2. Bsm

    This is a beautiful, healthy plant. I should say plants as they were already pushing out the sides of the pot and when I re-potted it was actually four healthy plants. Growing nicely!

  3. Shelley M

    This is the Spartan of the plant world, it seems to thrive with very little attention in a variety of conditions, so perfect for beginners as well as more experienced plant moms & dads!

  4. Lauren

    Shipping was super fast, item arrived well packaged, and it even came with plant food. It’s a very healthy, beautiful ZZ. Great addition to my vastly growing quarantine collection of house plants to keep me busy and make me happy. Based upon this experience, I definitely recommend this seller and I’m certain that I will be purchasing from them again in the future. Thank you!

  5. claudia daniels

    I have never purchased a plant online before. I was not real hopeful but was having a hard time finding this plant locally. I was very impressed with the the packaging and the quality of the plant.

  6. Randy

    Great size for your money, was not disappointed….packed very well so there was no breakage….would purchase again from these sellers…

  7. Sally Peck Lundeen

    Just right for a beach house shelf! Healthy and already giving us 3 new shoots! Thanks.

  8. Shawna Moss

    My package arrived safely with no disappointment. A great gift and easy to grow plant. Very carefully packaged and arrived earlier than expected. So pleased and I will definitely buy from this seller again. Yay🌼

  9. Susan E Klemm

    Plant arrived in beautiful condition. Little heat packs included to prevent damage in transit. Very happy!! 😊

  10. Daniel S.

    I have bought a couple of plants online. This was the first time I was not disappointed based on the images in the listing. Nice plant, carefully wrapped, and provided information on growing. I thought everyone would have those plastic grow tabs on the plants, but others I have received did not. Thanks!

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