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Trending Tropicals Collection


Costa Farms Ficus Lyrata, Little Fiddle Bambino Trending Tropicals Collection Live Indoor Plant, 1-Foot, Green: Garden & Outdoor

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trending tropicals

Trending Tropicals Houseplants

The Trending Tropicals Collection
Decorate your home with the beauty of live houseplants.

Elevate your home decor with the Trending Tropicals Collection. These rare, unique plants come from remote, exotic locations and have been hand-selected by plant hunters that scour remote corners of the world (including Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) for the most interesting plants.

In addition to exceptional new varieties, Trending Tropicals represents some of the hottest houseplant varieties on social media, grown by tastemakers around the world.

Use these special indoor plants to decorate bright desks, tabletops, and windowsills with a touch of life.

Decorating with plants has never been easier!

Bedroom, Living Room, and Office Décor

Sleep better with a houseplant or two in your bedroom. These plants purify the air and add a stylish touch to your space. Add these plants to coffee tables and side tables for an elegant look you can enjoy all year. You’ll love watching them grow. Don’t forget your desk. Scientific research shows plants may help problem-solving skills, creativity, and memory.

Decorate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Put plants on your kitchen countertop or windowsills; enhance your bathroom with plants too! These varieties will bask in the extra moisture and add a touch of life to your space.

Collect our Trending Tropicals: ZZ Raven, Little Swiss Monstera, Little Fiddle Leaf Fig, Polka Dot Begonia, Network Calathea. Some Trending Tropicals varieties are so rare they’ll only be available for a limited time.

About Trending Tropicals
The Costa Farms plant hunters have spent decades finding new plants around the world.
We work with plant breeders, nurseries, and other sources. We never collect plants from the wild.
We thoroughly test new varieties to ensure they’ll grow well in your home.
Some Trending Tropicals varieties are so rare they’ll only be available for a limited time.
Trending Tropicals Houseplants in Your Home
ZZ Raven NPD TableTops NPD Desk NPD Shelfie
Spruce Up Your Windowsill
Most of these houseplants thrive in bright, indirect light. They’re fabulous for adding a touch of style to the view of your urban jungle, indoors and out. Their small size makes them ideal for putting directly on the windowsill, or on a plant stand in front of it. If you have an especially sunny window, they benefit from the light being filtered through a sheer panel.
Stylize Your Tabletops
Most Trending Tropicals houseplants are between 12 and 24 inches tall. This makes them elegant additions to tabletops and side tables. Use them in any – or every – room of your home that could use the natural beauty and air-purifying powers of a live plant.
Decorate Your Desk
It’s easy to make your desk the envy of the office with Trending Tropicals! They don’t need natural sun to thrive; all of these indoor plants do as well in artificial light as they do a window. You can enjoy the touch of life they offer, even if you have a windowless office!
Display on a Shelf
#Shelfie is one of the hottest plant hashtags on Instagram—and it’s no wonder why. Placing your plant up on a shelf elevates its style and gives you room for more! Plus, you can really personalize your décor by mixing plants and other objets d’art that reflect your personality.

Light Low to High Medium to High Medium to High Low to High High
Water Water when top inch of soil is dry; can tolerate drought Water when top inch of soil is dry Water when top inch of soil is dry Water as soil surface starts to dry Water when top inch of soil is dry
Growth Rate Slow Medium to Fast Medium Medium Slow
Mature Size 4 feet 10+ feet 4 feet 18 inches 4 feet
Botanical Name Zamioculcas zamiifolia ‘Dowon’ Monstera adansonii Begonia maculata Calathea musaica ‘PP0005’ Ficus lyrata ‘Bambino’


Calathea 'Network', Fiddle Leaf 'Bambino', Philodendron 'Goddess', ZZ 'Raven'

10 reviews for Trending Tropicals Collection

  1. Jessica

    It’s difficult to rate plant orders if you’re not already super comfortable with ordering plants online. Compared with other plant delivery service, and especially that of floral arrangements which are not meant to last much past a week, the Costa Farms service presents great value. And ironically, the item pricing and condition comparison I encountered came from Costa Farms itself. More ironically, the day after I placed the order, I had to pick up bleach that became available at Walmart, and 2 of these plants were available, with another available in very weathered condition. The Walmart garden centers take such good care of their plants overall, and the one I brought home was just impeccable after a simple leaf washing, it’s a svelte graceful addition to a room that’s gone without plants too long due to the roaming hands of toddlers. The Costa Farms direct delivery cost more than twice as much, but with a more appropriately sized (and very sleek) ceramic pot, with impeccable packaging for intact delivery of the very viable plant. The shapes are entirely different: the Walmart retailed Bambino is nearly outgrowing its pot at purchase, so it makes sense that it just looks that much fuller and longer, and the Costa Farms direct has a fluffy bouquet shape I wouldn’t have guessed, but which makes it look more like a miniature tree. The direct delivery requires some weeks of care to approach the robustness of the Walmart pick, but it’s charming in its own right and not nearly a carbon copy, and that’s something to relish too. Altogether, between the 2 ironically timed finds of this same breed plant, I spent about $25 each. It’s the same grower, I can’t nearly be upset with that. I’d be checking out Walmart Garden Center personally this Spring and still with fondness for Costa Farms, and I can’t help but thinking there’s more of a middle line to be had.

  2. Q-ski

    I was hesitant to purchase an indoor plant online, but I now would do it again. It was well packed and arrived safely.Pros: This plant is already probably my favorite indoor plant ever. Absolutely darling and looks very healthy.Cons: It was packaged so well that it took some doing to get unpacked as I wasn’t really sure how to do it. I just took after the tape, bubble wrap, and paper with scissors, but did it outside as there was some potting soil outside of the pot. It wasn’t more spilled soil than I expected though with shipping. I had to use a little adhesive remover to get tape residue off the ceramic pot. Also, the plant itself was leaning toward one side and had some leaves growing through the holes in other leaves; two of which were torn with the pressure from the new leaves growing in them. It looks like maybe it wasn’t turned enough and attended to individually while it was growing. I trimmed those leaves and will even out the leaning with window placement. I’ve had it only 4 days and it is already bouncing back from its shipping adventure.Overall, I love this new addition to our office and would recommend this plant! It is about 11 inches tall, measuring from the bottom of the pot (7″ from top of soil). I plan to use it as a table top plant for a couple of years until it grows too big for that, then will enjoy it as a floor plant.

  3. KT

    So, I bought my FLF from Costa Farms here on Amazon well over a year ago. When I bought it, I had thought that it was just a juvenile version of a regular FLF. Though it has grown and gotten quite bushy since I have bought it, it never had a trunk or grew “tree like”. I googled “How to turn a FLF bush into a tree” and none of their pictures looked like mine. I had multiple thin stems and tons of leaves, but no main trunk. I figured it was just my plant. Well, I check back here only to find out that the plant I bought was never supposed to look like those graceful long trunked beauties. Lo and behold it was a miniature version, not designed to grow super large. My “little” FLF I got from Costa farms has grown quite bushy the past year, but not significantly taller. I’m OK with it, now that I know my plant is behaving normally. It is healthy and happy. and I really like the addition to my home. My FLF really liked it when I transferred it to a bigger pot, and it REALLY got happy when I added a humidifier close by, since I live in CO (Which is super dry). Since I started the humidifier, it sprouted multiple new leaf growths, the leaves have become glossier, and the leaf dimpling less noticeable. I may decide to run the humidifier year round. I’m going to get it some plant food for the upcoming spring growing season, can’t wait to see it reach new heights!

  4. T. Burbey

    I have purchased the ZZ Raven plant twice now. Both arrived very well packaged for plants. There was minimal dirt spill and both plants were healthy. The picture of the plant with a wall behind it is my newest arrival – about 1 week ago. This one is still in the original pot – a grower’s pot inside the white ceramic pot. The picture with some green leaves is my older plant, about 3-4 weeks ago arrival. The green leaves are just since it arrived and one shoot is starting to darken to the almost black. I did transplant it (and plan to the other one) because I prefer pots with drain holes. The ceramic pot it comes with does not have a hole. I’m also of the habit to start a plant in a bigger pot so it has room to grow. This would be a great gift to someone as shipped. I definitely would buy from Costa again.

  5. H. Martz

    I have been ordering a lot of plants online lately. Actually, it’s a problem…. Anyway, this Raven ZZ plant from Costa Farms was by far the most well packaged plant I have received! You could tell they really cared about the well being of the plant. The bos was clearly labeled with which end needed to be upright, as well as some instructions on the outside of the box of how to best remove the plant from it’s packaging. Then the plant inner pot had been well wrapped to prevent soil spillage, had a brown paper wrapping to cover the entire outer plant as well as a bamboo stake to prevent the plant from slipping and sliding in the box. On top of all that, the outer ceramic pot, which is very nice as well, was well wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it. I am thoroughly impressed with both the packaging and shipping care, but also the health of this plant. It is obvious that Costa Farms is passionate about what they do and take care to get an excellent specimen to it’s new home.

  6. Alexis

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     So happy I jumped on this listing. The price for the (rare) plant and a ceramic pot is great to me. I know it’ll probably be cheaper down the road when it hits stores like Home Depot, but I just couldn’t wait.The plant is big, looks healthy (I’m letting it acclimate before repotting), and is beautiful. It did have an earwig come out when unpacked, however those typically don’t eat live houseplants, it could have been the cardboard. I will update if I find any more bugs or disease down the road.Overall pleased with the plant and Costa, whom I’ve never ordered from before (only bought in stores). Thanks!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!! The box clearly said “This side UP- live plant” although the delivery man and my husband turned the box on its side. When I opened the box, everything was still in tact. Little sprinkles of dirt, but nothing like I thought it could be since it was on its side. Perfectly packaged with bubble wrap, paper, tape and extra cardboard protecting the decorative pot. Once unwrapping everything and using a spray bottle with very warm water to give a little revving up to this beauty, she immediately smiled and thanked me. I did not choose to repot her at this time, due to a little stress of being shipped. I’ll give her a couple of weeks to calm down and then check it out. For now, she’s happy and I am also! Highly recommend this seller! 5 stars!!!

  8. J. K.

    Raven ZZ came packaged well in the cold (no heat pack). The soil mixture was VERY wet on arrival and these plants do not need a lot of water. There was already a new shoot poking through. I didn’t have any damaged or broken leaves. I’ve had the plant about 2 weeks and it is doing well. No signs of cold damage or rot. Planter is ceramic and came undamaged. You can find these cheaper in stores at Home Depot or Lowes in Costa Farm’s current Trending Tropical line but if your area is plagued by scalpers and re-sellers, buying on Amazon is the next best thing. Raven ZZ is a beautiful addition for any plant lover.

  9. K. Hiestand

    This review is for the Raven ZZ Plant. We received our plant 9/5/19.The plant arrived upright and packaged very well. It took maybe 5 minutes of using scissors to get it out of the box. Be sure to do so somewhere that you can clean up any tiny bits of soil that may be loose. Any reviews regarding the plants arriving damaged should be directed at the carrier not Amazon or Costa Farms. The box is clearly labeled that it contained live plant, was fragile, and should be kept upright.Once out, it was in great condition. No broken stems or leaves. It arrived very well watered. The white pot is of decent quality and we plan on putting another plant in it. We purposely bought this plant for the pot in the pictures.The 1st picture and the PicStitch are from the day it was received. The PicStitch shows the variation of leaf color from fresh growth (bright green) to established growth (almost black). The closer up picture is after 3 days, where the plant seems to have “relaxed” a little.Read up about the Raven ZZ. It was chosen as Best New Plant at the 2018 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE). It comes from Costa Farms and is still rare to find locally. We are very excited to have this variety as part of our plant collection.

  10. jacwo2

    *This review is for the raven/black ZZ plant. Not the normal/green.* I was very impressed with this plant and the packaging. I was expecting a plant that was 12 inches tall from the table up (so including the pot), but I actually got a plant that is 12 inches tall on its own above the pot. It has 2 large stalks, 3 medium stalks, and several baby stalks, so I know it’s going to be very lush. Everything arrived a bit chilly, but it doesn’t appear to have any damage. I do feel it was overwatered prior to shipping considering it’s winter (cold and wet is a bad combo for tropicals), but I expect the plant will be fine. I’ll make sure to let it dry out. Also, the packaging was so secure! Not a single leaf was broken, the pot was in perfect shape, and only a sprinkle of dirt had escaped the pot. This would definitely be a great gift plant to order for someone bc it looked amazing right out of the box. When I ordered I felt it was a little over priced, but it is bigger than I expected, it comes with a ceramic pot, and the packaging/shipping was top notch. Also, it’s the same price in the box store as on Amazon. I ordered Thursday, and it was here Saturday.

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