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Trailing Hanging Collection


Shop Succulents | Trailing Collection | String of Bananas Unique Cascading, Hand Selected Fully Rooted Live Indoor Succulent Plant in a 6″ Grow Pot, Single: Garden & Outdoor

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Size:6-Inch | Color:String of Bananas

Native to Africa, string of bananas is a fast-growing plant with vines that ultimately reach lengths of at least 36 inches (90 cm. ). The leaves are somewhat transparent, which allows light to shine through. The small flowers have a pleasant, cinnamon-like scent. All of our succulent plants ship with helpful care instructions to give you the confidence you need to keep your plants healthy and thriving! This plant ships rooted in a 6” grow pot.


4-Inch, 6-Inch


2-Pack Mix, 4-Pack Mix, Burrito Sedum, Ruby Necklace, String of Bananas, String of Dolphins, String of Fishhooks, String of Pearls, Trailing Jade

10 reviews for Trailing Hanging Collection

  1. Kelly

    I bought this pack and another pack of 2″ succulents also. So now I have the 2″ string of pearls and the 4″ and they look soooo cute together! The burrito sedum showed up with no damage! Love them!

  2. Jessica allen

    *****edited to add I was shipped replacements****** the original two are still doing great!!! Would highly recommend!!!Bought the 4 pack. These arrived in decent shape! I was so excited! The string of pearls and burrito sedum have since died and it hasn’t even been the full “30 day health guarantee” (delivered may 15th, now June 5th) I WAS happy but now I’m trying to figure out how to get a partial refund or replacements for the string of pearls and burrito sedum but cannot because this isn’t eligible for returns. Upon a favorable resolution I would up my rating to a full 5 stars.

  3. Joel Kennington

    Love them! Cute and surprisingly healthy for plants that just shipped in box for 3 days. The donkey tail is very adorable! I’m going to keep them in my office.My only advice would be to un-box them somewhere smart. The loose dirt is everywhere.

  4. sweetmama34

    These plants are amazing! They are all huge, full, so healthy and packed amazingly well. Minimal breakage…so minimal. You’ll never even notice. One of my pearl strings snapped, so it’s in water now (we shall see if it props!) I’d Gift this to any plant lover for sure. Great work, Amazon!

  5. Lynne Flint

    These plants showed up in awesome shape!! They have been really healthy 🤗 I could not believe they made it all the way to Alaska in perfect shape and with no trauma. Totally worth the price and I will be ordering more!!

  6. JMagouirk

    I live 1 mile from Home Depot and can’t get a succulent home undamaged. I’m SO IMPRESSED with the care and quality of the 4 plants we ordered. They came in healthy and beautiful. I opened the plants inside the larger box they came in to avoid mess- it was much easier than expected based on previous reviews. Our two burro tails had no damage at all during unpacking and our two string of pearls maybe lost 3-5 pearls each- which is pretty good! If these still look great in a month we will definitely make another purchase. ❤️❤️Revised: I was hoping they were pointy since they were young but- our string of pearls turned out to be a string of tears. Still healthy, however.

  7. Catherine Choi

    I was pretty scared with all the negative reviews about the size and health of the plants, but I’m pretty happy with my order. It got here a day earlier than the initial estimate and even with some rough handling, I luckily didn’t lose any leaves (the delivery person delivered it on its side even with arrows on the shipping box).The box with the plants is filled with shredded protective paper and is nestled inside another box. I did notice that the dirt level was lower in my burrows tail, but I’m hypothesizing they did that intentionally to protect the leaves during shipping. Anyway, it doesn’t concern me since I plan on repotting them. I’m the most happy about my string of peas, which are already starting to hang off the pot! For context, I shipped this to a location in the Northeast and it was a bit chilly (low 60s) when it arrived.

  8. Alice hall

    I bought the 4 pack and yall!!! I love these babies!! They have all been on my wish list for so long now but I could never find them in stores. I spent $40 for 4 plants. So $10 each is not bad at all! They came in a medium box with a smaller box in side and packed with paper to keep the box from shifting. Once I opened the smaller box I noticed it was packed with shredded paper. I made a mess unboxing because I was super excited to get them out. The soil was dry so I gave them a little drink but they look great! Will for sure be buying from this seller again!

  9. Robin

    My plants arrived earlier than expected and were superbly packed. Each plant had its own, light cardboard box. Each box had shaved cardboard packing material inside, so the plant wouldn’t be tossed around or damaged in shipping. There were literally NO broken pieces from either plant. Both plants arrived in perfect shape. There was some excess soil at the bottom of the both boxes, so be careful when you open them. I removed the succulents from the bottom of each box, to allow the plants to slip out easily. Fortunately, I opened the boxes over another container, so the dirt did not spill everywhere. They succulents were very dry, so I gave them each a nice drink, then put them out on our patio to get some air and light. I’m thrilled with the purchase and highly recommend Shop Succulents.

  10. Madeline

    I was very nervous before buying these plants because I wasn’t sure how they would do being shipped to NYC in the winter. The reviews were positive so I decided to give it a shot and so happy I did! These were shipped with a heating pack and arrived healthy and full. Unboxing was a little messy so I recommend doing it over the trash or a sink. But overall really happy with these little guys!

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