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Proper Succulent Care

Succulents are drought tolerant plants that are easy to care for and require very little. There are three points of care you want to keep in mind when caring for your succulents.

Water: The most important part of succulent care is when and how to water. Only water the plants when the soil is completely dry. If the soil has any moisture, do not water them at all. If it takes three weeks for the soil to dry out then water in three weeks, if it takes three days then water in three days. This is the most important part of proper succulent care. When you water your plants be sure they are being watered in the evening or late afternoon. Succulents best absorb water and nutrients from the soil during their rest period (which is in the evening). Also, water acts as a magnifier and will certainly help burn your plants in the hot months if they are watered in the morning or during the day. Succulents need excellent drainage. If a succulent is being potted in a container with no drainage it is important to know they should be watered sparingly. Anything more will kill the plant. Over-watering succulents is the easiest way to kill succulents. It is also important to address under-watering. An under-watered succulent will show signs of stress with drooping or withered leaves. The leaves can also start to develop brown spots. A good watering will perk the leaves right up. Be sure to never mist your succulents. Misting Succulents or Cacti will cause rot and/or fungal diseases. Succulents are not house plants or flowers. Misting succulents will kill the plant. Succulent plants need to be watered thoroughly when the soil is dry so that the water reaches the entire root system; then they need to dry out.

Sunlight: There is a very tricky line when you first receive your succulents in regards to how much sun the plants should receive. All Shop Succulents plants are greenhouse grown which means they need to acclimated to sun gradually once you receive them especially in the hot months. When you first receive them keep them in soft sun or indirect light only and slowly introduce them to direct sunlight. Not being careful with proper sun introduction can cause the plants to sunburn. Burn will either kill the leaves or cause them to look unsightly. Imagine yourself being in a dark room for a while and then stepping out into harsh, direct sunlight. This can hurt your eyes until your eyes adjust. The same holds true with succulents and cacti. Our plants are greenhouse grown (which means they have a proper grower’s shade filter over them always allowing just the right amount of light and heat). They are then put in a dark box and shipped. Be cautious here especially in the hotter months of the year. Conversely, succulents and cacti need ample sunlight to look their best. This is where it can get tricky. It will probably take some testing on your part to figure out the optimum solution for your plants in regards to where you live. You will know your plants are not getting enough light when they start to grow and stretch out. This is called getting ‘leggy’. A succulent does this when it is not receiving enough light and is stretching toward the light to receive more. Indirect light for the first few days is ideal. The next step is typically giving them direct morning light only. Morning light tends to be softer. This is a great way to ensure your plants are getting the light they need in a timely fashion but not over doing it. Continue in this manner to ensure your plants receive excellent light but do not burn.

Helpful Tip: The vibrant color of succulents (certainly one of their best selling points) is mostly maintained with proper light and water. Succulents can boast some beautiful and vibrant colors. Most succulents will get more vibrant with more sun but some will want diffused sun to offer their best color. Watch your plants and try different light to maintain the perfect look!

Temperature: Succulents are very tough plants but they are not indestructible. A good rule of thumb is to not allow your plants to be in temperatures below 40 degrees without protection. Succulents truly thrive between 50 degrees and 85 degrees. It is ok if the temperature gets above this mark, you will just need to take extra precaution to ensure your plants do not burn. You will want to keep your plants out of direct afternoon sun if the temperatures are rising above 85 degrees. If the temperature is dropping below 40 you will want to keep them indoors/greenhouse to ensure they do not freeze.

Creative Ways to Use Your Succulents

Succulents for Weddings and Events
The use of succulent plants for weddings and special events is incredibly popular and impressionable. Succulents make perfect favors, place holders, centerpieces, cake toppers, etc.
DIY Succulent Projects
Feeling crafty? DIY and Succulents are a perfect marriage. There are loads of blogs, posts, and videos of people showing off their creativity with these beautiful, environmentally wise plants.
Succulent Home Decor
Bring nature, color, and beauty into the home with succulent plants. Whether it is a living succulent wreath, or a small potted succulent in a window sill, these little beauties will always make an impression.
Terrariums, Living Walls, Fairy Gardens
Drought tolerant succulents are unique in color, style, and growth pattern making them great candidates for beautiful terrarium designs, fairy gardens, vertical gardens, and gift-able items that will last.

Succulent FAQs
What do I do when my plants arrive?

Be sure to immediately bring your package inside and completely unwrap your plants. All Shop Succulents plants are packaged with shredded paper to keep them secure, dry, and warm in transit. Often it is easiest to open the box from the bottom and carefully remove the pots. This allows you to remove the crinkle paper from the plants without disturbing the plants. Gently blow off any loose soil from the leaves. Place your plants in a location that they will be able to receive soft sun or indirect light. Only water your plants if the soil is completely dry. Refer to the Succulent Care guide above.

What if soil is displaced or my plants fall out of their pots in transit?

We take every precaution to fully protect your plants in transit. From time to time a package will endure a little more stress in transit causing some soil or plants to come loose. Succulents are incredibly resilient plants, requiring little care, and not easily damaged. Should this happen simply collect the loose soil, put it back in the pot, moisten the soil and make a depression in the soil to replant the succulent. Place the succulent in the depression just created and gently push soil back to hold the plant in place.

How do I replant my succulents?

Potting up or re-planting succulents is incredibly easy. Succulents boast many species and grow in a variety of ways. Often times the plant is easy to remove from it’s original pot, where essentially the entire plant and soil base are easily removed from the cup. These are pretty self explanatory to replant. It can be mentioned here, that if the container is fairly shallow and needs less then the entire soil base, you can simply grab the soil and break off up to half of the soil base and roots without putting the plant in shock. Some species (like sedums and crassulas) have a tendancy to come apart when removing them from their pot. These species tend to grow for coverage and offer that ‘spilling’ or ‘trailing’ effect. As they may not be spilling or trailing in the 2″ pot they will be once repotted and allowed a little space to grow. To manage these plants you will want to squeeze the sides of the pot to loosen the soil a bit. Put your hand over the whole top of the plant while turning the cup upside down. This will start to remove the plant from the container. Use your other hand to grab around the soil just under the plant itself. This will keep the plant and roots together for replanting. You will want to create the depression in the soil with your other hand while not taking your hand off the soil around the plant. You can then place the plant and soil in the space created and gently compress the soil around the plant to be sure it does not come apart. Finally, some succulents will have multiple plugs in each pot. These succulents often look like individual sticks. If the plant is easily removed by itself with little soil and or roots attached do not be alarmed. Many species have delicate or shallow root systems. It is ok to remove just the plant and plant it wherever you like. The plant (with proper care) will take root and continue to grow. Many succulents are grown from cuttings off of mother plants. This simply means a cutting is taken from the mother plant (given a day or two to dry) and replanted in soil. These plants start without roots but easily begin to take root and grow.

Helpful Tips:

-The chalky substance found on most succulent leaves is a protective substance that helps protect the plant from pests, disease, and sunburn. Do not intentionally rub off this film. It is best to handle the plant at it’s base to avoid removing this chalky substance from it’s leaves.

How far in advance should I order for my event?
It is best to place your order no more than two weeks before your event. We suggest looking at the estimated delivery of your plants on Amazon so that the plants are to arrive within one week of your event so that you do not have to care for the plants too long. If you prefer to have more time with your plants to prepare them for the event then two weeks before your event is ideal.


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10 reviews for Succulents | Unique Collectio Live Plants

  1. BAC_070822

    These plants are adorable! There is so much color variation amongst the 20 plants. They are truly striking visually. They were delivered by UPS in below freezing weather and all arrived in good condition. Hopefully I can keep them that way! My only slight disappointment is that I don’t know what species I have. It would be great if they gave you a common or scientific name to go with these beautiful plants.

  2. Mike L.

    Plants arrived alive and well and in secure packaging. Selection was nice. Several weeks in and the plants are all still alive.

  3. R. Hurley

    The plants all arrived in good condition. There was a fair amount of loose dirt in the boxes but all of the plants & root balls were still in their pots. Since I repotted all of them anyway, the loose dirt didn’t faze me. Some of them had more than one stem and I was able to separate them so I ended up with more than 20 healthy plants. After a month, they are all still doing well.Update: 07/26/18 — I ordered this collection a second time and have been just as happy with the 2nd purchase. All of the plants arrived alive and well. They were packed snuggly in a box filled with pleated paper strips to keep them from moving around and then that box was in a larger box with crumpled paper all around it. Again, there was some dirt in the inner box but all the plants and their root balls were in their individual pots. I watered everybody and tomorrow, when I put them in decorative pots, I’ll brush the loose dirt off of them with a small paint brush. I’m very pleased with the assortment in this second order. I’d say at least half of them were not duplicated in the original order. “Shop Succulents” has been 5-star both times and I’m sure I’ll be ordering again from them in the future.

  4. Jey

    THREE WEEK REVIEW:Plants were packed tightly with crinkle paper and arrived in mostly good condition. The crinkle paper will test your patience as it takes a while to remove all of it.The Good: -Excellent variety and size: I was really pleased with the good quality and variety of the plants. I received a lot of beautiful rosettes, sedum, graptosedums, and kalanchoes. Also, some of the plants were way bigger than I expected! Some rosettes were 3-4 inches! Notable plants are the black prince and jellybean plant.The bad: Unfortunately, three or four plants did not make it (RIP plants). Two were looking pretty rough on arrival (fuzzy bear paw and propeller-looking plant) and lost all the leaves within the first week. One of the rosettes lost most of its leaves in the second weak and a droopy plant got droopier and lost some leaves. These are underlined in red.However, the other plants are looking really good and growing well! I’ve bought from a few other suppliers on Amazon before but I would buy this again due to the variety and price. Thanks!!

  5. CP

    Great succulents for the price. They arrive in pretty good shape and on time. I had to clean them up a bit and fill in a little soil, but they worked out perfectly for what I needed. I watered them upon arrival and then let them sit outside in the Texas sun for a day. Used them as party favors for a baby shower. Can’t beat the price or convenience!

  6. Jen Hunter

    I ordered these from the Amazon Treasure Truck. I had to pick them up but they were still boxed the same way I’d they were shipped. Naturally the dry dirt is sprinkled inside, no big deal, just a little messy when you start pulling everything out. So open them by the sink or outside. All 20 are a different succulent and look beautiful! I’ve had them for at least 2 weeks and so far so good. I’ve only repotted one but I haven’t watered any yet. I’m so happy I got these. I’ve just spread them around my living room for now. Next to pictures, etc. They’re adorable and tiny, I love them! Fingers crossed I don’t kill them. I would buy again. The last photo is the only one I’ve repot Ted to go with the other 2 in the holder. So far so good!

  7. Math Mom

    It bought this variety pack of 20 succulents to make a floating island rock garden with my coffee table (also purchased on Amazon). The plants came well-packaged and thriving. I’m pleased with the assortment and how well they are serving in the capacity they’re in. The plants, while small, are just the right size for this installation and I look forward to seeing how this living centerpiece will change with time.

  8. Amy

    These came packaged so well, plants were all intact and beautiful! Would definitely buy again.

  9. Nivaj

    I purchased two boxes of these succulents to give out as gifts at a bridal shower. They arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. When they arrived (before I even knew they were at my door) I received a call from the company to make sure the plants had arrived and I was satisfied with their condition. The representative I spoke to on the phone was very polite and said if I was unhappy with any of the plants for any reason to let him know and he would send me replacements. I received many compliments at the bridal shower on the succulents and everyone wanted to know where I got them from. I would definitely order these again the next time I want succulents.

  10. Collin Sheldon

    I am rarely awed at something enough to go straight to write a review – but, these are SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I was very skeptical because of the mixed reviews, but I tried it anyways. Packed VERY well with crinkle paper. NONE were messed up or even broken In the least. All 20 different varieties, very different ones too, I love them!!!

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