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Succulent Plants (5 Pack)

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Succulent Plants (5 Pack), Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil – Real Live Potted Succulents / Unique Indoor Cactus Decor by Plants for Pets : Garden & Outdoor

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What to expect?
Beginner-friendly species that are well-rooted in 2 inch pots
A detailed care guide is included with every pack to ensure your success
Five or more individual species, so you’ll have a variety of succulents to display
No fertilizing required

Beautiful, fully-rooted succulents to your door
Do you have the dreaded ‘black thumb?’ Do you struggle to keep plants alive? There’s still hope!

This collection of succulents will add natural beauty to your home without the tiresome labor that most other plants require to survive. Very little water is needed and they are much harder to kill!

Stunning houseplants without the effort!

Many species, such as ones in the popular Echeveria genus, are shaped like flowers and feature colors as bright and beautiful as those flowers you’ve always wanted to flourish in your home. If you love the look of flowering plants but can’t seem to keep them alive, look no further than succulents!

Well-Rooted and USA-Grown
Fresh, USA-grown succulents from our local greenhouse straight to your door
Plants for Pets succulents are grown locally in our family-owned Florida greenhouse. From there, the next stop is a sunny spot in your home! No middlemen, no pesticides, and no sitting on a shelf for weeks in a department store.
Mature, well-rooted succulents ensure live arrival and long-term health
Because our succulents are rooted for a minimum of six weeks in their two-inch growing pots, they are larger, better established, and much more resilient than less-established succulents.
Hand-picked varieties selected for indoor growing success
Unfortunately, most of the colorful succulents on the market are very ill-suited to indoor growing conditions. Because of this, we’ve kept indoor growers in mind when selecting the variety of succulents we grow. We’ve picked succulents for you that will stay beautiful in indoor environments, not just look nice in a product photo.
Creative Ideas for Your Succulents

The size and slow growth of these succulents makes them perfect plants for terrariums. They thrive in high-light and low-moisture environments, so open terrariums with access to direct sunlight work best.
Make your special day unforgettable with a gorgeous display of succulents. They make for beautiful wedding centerpieces and decorations, and are ideal as party favors for your guests.
Home Decor
Succulents add natural beauty and elegance to any room in your home. Display them in plant holders, wall mounts, geometric glass vases, or even in a live wreath – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
DIY Fairy Gardens
Looking for an easy way to add pizzazz to your succulent arrangement? Try creating your very own fairy garden! Choose from a plethora of sizes, colors, and textures of succulents and pair them with your choice of decorations and accents.

Support a Great Cause

At Plants for Pets, we believe businesses should give back to society, and it’s our mission to make our home city of Indianapolis a no-kill city for homeless dogs and cats. Every order helps find homes for pets at risk of euthanasia.

10 reviews for Succulent Plants (5 Pack)

  1. cowherdingjoe

    As you can see everything was a huge mess when my package arrived. Inside the box was just the plant pots and this fuzzy material sitting on top that really grabbed hold of one of my succulents. I’m not really surprised they arrived in the condition they did. There was nothing to keep them from rotating in the box. One of the plants (not pictured) was completely destroyed. I received 6 so I can’t be too upset with that fact. 3 of the remaining 5 received some degree of damage but only time will tell if they’ll be fine. The soil was also bone dry which seemed strange. Happy to support a good cause with my purchase but a little disappointed given I had bought 6 little succulent pots specifically for these.edit* I nearly updated my review to 5 stars before I even received replacements for the plants that were damaged. The friendliness and willingness to help that I experienced dealing with Plants for Pets is extremely rare on amazon. They more than made up for the problems I mentioned in my initial review. VERY pleased.

  2. Sheila P. Hilton

    I serve on the board of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue in Fletcher, NC. We pull adoptable animals from local kill shelters. As someone that spends all my spare time fostering, enriching, loving, networking, and raising money for homeless animals I am so proud to contribute to your wonderful mission. I am so impressed you have chosen to help these animals that so need us. Plants are also one of my passions, so I am thrilled to have found your site. My succulents arrived happy and healthy. I will do my best to keep them that way. Thank you for all you do and keep up the excellent work!

  3. Sammie

    These are beautiful and a great price! Supports a good cause, adopt your next pet!I received 8 instead of 5!! Also received what I believe are the Air plants (4) and I couldn’t be more happy! Their website is also a great place to go and buy from them directly, or for care options. PlantsforPets.comI originally ordered these by mistake, but I am very glad I got them. I want more now!! :)Update: since receiving them, they are starting to blossom and really come to life! I now have a new hobby, will be ordering more in the future!

  4. Kayla

    I am so pleased with my purchase! I spent a few days reviewing sellers, and Plants for Pets had the best reviews (for good reason). My package arrived on time, and all of my succulents remained in their pots. The plastic container that the pots sit in was glued down very well so the plants were secure. I was excited to see an extra succulent, large enough to almost completely cover two others, a care guide, and a $5 off coupon. Plants for Pets is great enough to send an extra succulent, just in case one of yours gets severely damaged.I received a variety of succulents, some of which I had not seen at local stores. The succulents all appeared to be healthy, with the exception of some damaged leaves on the extra succulent (shown in picture). I was excited about the leaves, however, because now I get to propagate them and make even more beautiful succulents. Also note that some of the dead-looking leaves shown in the box picture had already fallen off and were withered enough to seem like they fallen from other plants before shipping.

  5. kyle M leet

    8 instead of 5 + some air plant cuttings all of which arrived healthy also its good to know these plants are being sold for a good cause

  6. amshop

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     They’re super cute!! I was sent 6 potted plants and two air plants and they’re much tinier than I expected them to be but they look really cute on my cubicle sill. The sheet that came with said to not water them for a week after I got them but they looked a little dry after the box was a little messy from the shipping process so I gave them a little water. The air plants have already started blooming and growing but I have to find a pot for them still. One of my plants was turned upside down and uprooted so hopefully it’ll grow back. I got a zebra cactus too. Really nice place to get some cute plants for office or even as thank-you gifts. The variety is lovely and they can be easily repotted if you want. I attached a little video of the in my office – yes I named them because it’s essential to plant parenting.

  7. Richard G.

    Succulent Plants (5 Pack), Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil –  Real Live Potted Succulents/Unique Indoor Cactus Decor by Plants for Pets

    I had high expectations and they were completely exceeded. Customer service has a personal touch and puts you at rest especially with me since I was a 1st time buyer of really any kind of plant. The few before had met an untimely death. I soon discovered there was an agenda or should I say mission that came along with these little guys. This mission was simple and straight forth. It has to do with the large amounts of stray pets that have no home and they’re are not only advocating on their behalf but offering free air plants if you can show that you have visited a shelter to rescue an animal. I would do this but I had already made arrangements to care for 3 kittens a friend of the families cat just had, does that count? Anyways great product great company and a great mission.

  8. Amber J.

    I received my succulents sooner than expected. They survived well during shipping. Great quality and selection. I received 6 plants instead of 5, plus some air plants for free! I’ve never seen air plants before so these are very cool! I didn’t realize this company also supports and pays for adoption fees for dogs and cats in shelters. Even more of a reason to purchase these plants! I’m very happy with my order and I will definitely be purchasing more when I have the funds! Adopt, don’t shop!

  9. LCF

    I decided to buy this set because I wanted to bring a little life into my workshop that didn’t require too much attention. I was very shocked when I received them at how tiny they were, but during one of my trips to Lowes I was able to buy some succulent potting mix and some cheap pots and after transplanting these they grew SO fast. I am certain they will be ready for even larger pots soon. They were shipped securely and were extremely healthy as you can see from my photo. Since buying these my hobby has gone a little crazy and now I am buying cactus and other things but I highly recommend these for beginners. I even purchased a second set and potted them as a gift to a loved one to bring to the office.

  10. Cody

    Ordered these Succulents over a month back trying to bring some color into my office, as a non green thumb I’m proud to say I still haven’t managed to accidently kill them and they look wonderful!! The package arrived, all the succulents where in great condition, plus they included a bonus plant incase one died or was damaged during delivery. I’d highly recommend these, will probably look at using them as a Mothers-day gift next time around!

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