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Philodendron Pedatum 4″

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Philodendron Pedatum – 4″ from California Tropicals : Garden & Outdoor

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10 reviews for Philodendron Pedatum 4″

  1. Tee Mac

    So worth the investment! I was a bit concerned about how the plant would hold up during its 5-day transit time from CA to NC, so I was pleasantly surprised to open the very carefully packaged plant and see it had not been damaged at all. It’s a beauty with a new leaf forming! I’m impressed!

  2. Nik

    This is my second amazing order from California Tropicals. I’m so thrilled with this plant. Ordered it on the the 11th, received it on the 13th. Packaged with care. Plant is stunning and healthy.


    Initially the plant looked different from what it should but upon calling the nursery they assured me that the young plant matures differently and it did! The leaves flare out exactly like the 3 forked leaves as they look on the grown up plant!I am very happy and satisfied with the whole gig!Thank you!

  4. BreeLaLaa

    11 days to receive after shipped …eleven! I expected a dead, withered piece of what once was a live plant. What I got was a small, but full 4″ plant that is green with new growth on it. It was not wet or dried out. How they managed to pack it to survive south georgia heat is beyond me. I didn’t get a pic of it, but brown paper was wrapped around the entirity of the plant with peanuts taped to secure both ends (top and bottom). I’ve wanted this plant for a while and am so happy to finally get it!!!I recommend California Tropicals for plants and cannot wait to get something else.

  5. Sherry

    Great little plant… Looks beautiful already! Arrived in Great condition Very well packed…

  6. Donice Leak

    It was healthier thank I expected. This is my third time getting a plant online and this plant looked way better than the ones I’ve gotten from top brand indoor plant sites. Some leaves got bent in transit, but the overall plant is health and has new leaves sprouting. It was also still moist and I didn’t have to add any water. I haven’t seen any pests either. I have it slightly away from my other plants for a two week quarantine. It should perk up after It gets adjusted.

  7. Cmr1960

    Plant arrived in one piece happy and healthy!

  8. Oscar

    First (and super importantly), the shipping only took three days when the estimated time was 8-13 days. The Pedatum arrived and looked amazing even after being in a box for a few days. It stands about 8 inches above the soil and has new growth in multiple places. There’s even growth coming out of the soil. The photo was taken about two hours after opening, and after having transplanted it into a mix I use for aroids. The root system is well established and looked healthy and strong when I was transplanting it. I’m wicked happy with the whole experience.

  9. trisha r

    I’m a repeat customer and I’ve never had a problem. Every plant arrived healthy and well packaged. Will buy from again.

  10. Kriss scaglione

    The plant was very well packaged and the plant arrived healthy. Will purchase more from this company!

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