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Philodendron Burle Marx 6 inch

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Philodendron Burle Marx Live Plant 6 inch : Garden & Outdoor

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This philodendron house plant is named after the distinguished Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The Philodendron Burle Marx, native to the tropical forests of Brazil, produces elegant, shiny, heart-shaped leaves. This Philodendron Burle Marx in a 6 inch grower pot will bring an stylish tropical look to essentially any setting.

10 reviews for Philodendron Burle Marx 6 inch

  1. JN

    Beautiful, thoughtfully packaged. Item arrived as shown in picture!

  2. My baby

    One of my favorite plant. Came beautiful and healthy. I loved it.

  3. Tammy Warren

    This plant came well packaged and healthy. There were no pests and has great roots. I still have it in the original pot and the pictures are after a couple of months. It has put out so many new leaves and is still make a bunch more. The leaves are so shiny and beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful plant.

  4. Melissa Colwell

    I bought a few plants from this seller and just WOW! They arrived early and they were packaged so well!!! I’ve ordered plants before from different sellers and they were nowhere packaged so nicely! There was no damage to the leaves, the soil was moist and protected by many layers of plastic to keep the soil from falling out, they were also in packing peanuts which added an extra layer of protection! The plants look very healthy and there was a lot of new growth. I would definitely recommend purchasing from this seller, and I will be making more purchases from them in the future! Just buy the dang plant already!!!!

  5. bigmac

    This plant is beautiful. I love it

  6. Tia

    I couldn’t be more excited about this plant. It was packaged with extreme care, not a single dead or damaged leaf. There is tons of new growth on her and she gets even more beautiful as she continues to breathe after being boxed up. I will be shopping with this seller and probably only this seller going forward. Incredible!

  7. Pamala Verreras

    I have never received a plant from any company that was in such perfect order there are no complaints about this delivery it was A-OK

  8. Lovely Bellz

    This plant is super cute bc it’s soooo weird looking…. when I first got it…. it started to grow fungus on the soil….. went to repot and realized it had spider Mites…… 3 NEEM bottles later…… all dead leaves removed and now I have new babies growing….. as we speak…..

  9. Angelique Cook

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLANT❣️ It was packaged perfectly. The box was crushed a little at the top but the plant was unharmed.

  10. Jerry P

    I am so happy with my new plant! It arrived today! (8-6) in great condition and was well packaged. Honestly, the best plant I’ve received from Amazon so far, the size is as advertised not like other plants I’ve received that are smaller or not well packaged and the plant already has some new growth! I am excited to care and enjoy this beautiful philodendron! I will continue to order from this vendor.

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