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Monstera Delicioso 3 Gallon Pot Height 22″ to 24″

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Monstera Delicioso – Swiss Cheese Plant – 3 Gallon Pot – Overall Height 22″ to 24″ – Tropical Plants of Florida (Plant Only) : Garden & Outdoor

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Size:Plant Only

Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant


Planter/pot Size: 10 inches


Overall Height*: 24” to 28”


*Overall height is inclusive of the planter height. For example, if your plant is 24” tall the first 10” are the planter, followed by 14” of plant height.


The Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant is known for its holes within its leaves that are said to help it survive its native rain forest conditions of heavy rains and strong winds. This attractive plant looks excellent indoors, locations such as the office, hallways, living rooms or in general where there needs are met!


Proper Care:


The Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant does best in a bright room or in bright conditions with lots of shade. Direct sunlight will damage leaves whereas low light will slow growth. For watering, allow the top few inches to become dry to the touch before watering. This plant likes humidity so be sure to mist it.


Note: Please understand that each plant is slightly varies (it is a living thing!) and therefore your plant may not look identical to the photo. We do our best to pick the healthiest, best quality plant for you!


Disclaimer: We DO NOT ship to AK, HI or PR



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10 reviews for Monstera Delicioso 3 Gallon Pot Height 22″ to 24″

  1. Cat

    I opted to pay a little extra for express shipping and had the plant 2 days after ordering. Heating pack, padded box and the plant was packed with so much care there wasn’t a single damaged leaf. There are multiple split leaves and more coming in. There’s a jug in the picture for scale, I’m considering splitting this when re-potting it’s already so big. Can’t say enough about how pleasantly surprised I was with this plant.

  2. Kaelyn Rodriguez

    5+ stars to this seller. My monstera is beautiful, big, and came packaged well. Made a long journey.And… I got a bonus. I suspect a brown anole baby hitched a ride on this plant. I now have a new pet named Pickles & a beautiful dreamy monstera!

  3. Meescha

    I rarely give reviews, but when I’m impressed I’m impressed. Fedex lost this package for a few days on top of the week it was already allotted in the box. So it was in the box for a total of 12 or so days. I was thinking I’d just get a dead plant on arrival and was prepared to ask for a refund but when I opened the box there was only ONE damaged leaf and everything else seemed like it came straight from the nursery. For the value, this plant is 100% worth it. It’s gorgeous even though it was in darkness for so long. I will purchase from this company again for sure.

  4. Cindy G.

    I was hesitant to order a product with no Amazon reviews but I looked at the seller reviews on another site and decided to take a chance. The price was right with free shipping. This plant was gorgeous and healthy right out of the packing box. It was packed with a warming pack that was still warm when I opened the package. The package arrived on the 4th day after ordering even though it wasn’t Prime shipping. The first two pictures show the plant right after I unpacked it. The leaves are big and healthy and some are already splitting (which is my favorite part of these plants).New leaf growth is also visible. The plant is a little taller than I thought it would be so that’s a bonus. I will likely order another plant like this from this seller as a gift for my daughter.

  5. CookieFactory

    Received in 3 days after placing order despite 1000 mile shipping distance. The difference between 3 and 4, 5, 6+ days is often down to how attentive the seller is to shipping promptly.The plant was very well packaged, and came through in perfect condition as you can see in the photos. The plant was misty and soil was still fresh and moist. Despite how well the Monstera was protected, it was very easy to extricate it from the packaging.The monstera itself is a fine specimen and exceeded my expectations. There’s a lot of unfortunate stories about buying plants online, and while shipping mishaps can (and do) happen, minimizing such comes down to how attentive the seller is to details. It’s obvious Tropical Plants of Florida takes pride in their work and I would not hesitate to purchase more in the future.

  6. Jenny

    This is the first time I’ve ever ordered from this Plant company . I’m am so glad I did. I ordered this beautiful Monstera plant that arrived well packaged. EXCELLENT care was done to ensure that my plant was secure, fed(fertilized), moist, insulated and protected from the cold. Wow!! The box it came in was intact. Absolutely no packaging issue. TLC to the max! The plant was beautiful, healthy, lush, green and huge ! This was worth the cost and then some!! No leaves were broken or dead. If you’re undecided about getting a plant from this nursery, wait no more. You can tell they take great pride in their business and it shows in the way this plant was packaged and how healthy it was .

  7. Alex Olsen

    absolutely beautiful much bigger than expected arrived in great time I am so pleased with this I’ve always had good luck with these guys. The pictures speak more than anything I can say this plant really did come full with new growth healthy and happyEdit. Since last review this plant is doing well – this company sent a healthy plant and I will definitely order from them again. Thank you!

  8. Betd5

    Packaged well. Not tipped over, no loss of soil in the package. Received sooner than I expected. Accurate description. Happy with both the seller and the plant.And yes, I know the photo in the background is crooked, I’ll take care of that but it does show what a beautiful plant this is in the pic.

  9. Alexis G.

    I was very skeptical with the idea of ordering a live plant online but this has completely changed my mind about it. The packaging was great, the monstera came carefully wrapped in a very thick paper along with instructions on how to properly unpack it, a little bit of plant food and a message from the seller reassuring you that if your plant is damaged in any way, they will replace it. So far so good!. I was very surprised to see that the plant was in excellent shape, the soil was still moist and had some plant food in it. I’d be lying if I told you the plant came in 100% condition. I noticed a little bit of damage in some leaves which is completely expected considering the trip it had to endure from Florida to Houston. Overall I’d say the plant was in superb condition and will definitely buy again from this seller. Plus, excellent value!, a monstera like this one would cost me over $150 in any plant nursery.

  10. Don Quixote, et al.

    I’ve been ordering a lot of plants online this past year, and have gotten used to lowering my expectations and never trusting the listing photos. As long as the plant is alive and relatively healthy, I’ve considered it acceptable for the usual mail order standard.But this Monstera plant is the first online plant order that has not only met but exceeded my expectations. The plant is ridiculously healthy looking, and is even bigger and more lush than the photos.Aside from that, the packing job was phenomenal. They packed it well enough to protect a glass sculpture. And though I didn’t pay extra for heat packets in the shipping box, they were included. This seller, Tropical Plants of Florida, is now at the very top of my list for my future plant orders. Thanks!!

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