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Mini Bonsai Live Indoor Tree Ceramic Planter

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Costa Farms Mini Bonsai Live Indoor Tree Tabletop Plant, White Ceramic Planter, Mini Bonsai: Garden & Outdoor

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Premium Live Bonsai

Living beautiful quality indoor bonsais grown by the experts at Costa Farms in sunny Florida.

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Easy Care Bonsai

Bring Zen Home

Few plants are as stylish and sophisticated as bonsai. These tiny trees are perfect dramatic decor for indoor spaces, especially desks, offices, and bedrooms. They practically radiate Zen! The most thing to know about bonsai is that it’s not a type of plant, but instead, a way of treating a plant.

Passionate About Plants

Houseplants have the magical quality of making any space more inviting, and this makes them ideal décor items for homes and offices. Costa Farms is always working on putting together new plant collections that make it easier for you to pick the plants that are right for you. Look for our Costa Farms brand on all our products.

Your Shipped Plant

Add small plants as decorative accents or large plants as sculptural assets. Small plants add pops of life to every room in the house. Larger plants create a bold statement in your home. With hundreds of plants to choose from, there’s sure to be a plant perfect for your lifestyle.


  1. Great indoor plants
  2. Natural choice for interior designs
  3. They come in every size
  4. Beautiful decor
  5. Air-purifying houseplants

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Caring for Your Bonsai

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Easily Adaptable

There are a wide range of bonsais that can tolerate low light, medium light and bright light – grow them in just about any room of your home, or office.

Variety of Colors

Fun and stylish, bonsais bring home décor to life with lasting quality and endless variety. Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Air Purifier

Plants help remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and purify the air in your home or office. A study produced by NASA that showed indoor pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia can be reduced simply and easily with houseplants.


One of the most common mistakes is over watering. The average houseplant likes to be watered when the top inch or two of the potting mix is dry to the touch. If you have a saucer or dish underneath to catch excess moisture, most plants don’t want to sit in water for more than 45 minutes

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Mini Bonsai


Blue Decor Planter, Mocha Decor Planter, White Decor Planter

10 reviews for Mini Bonsai Live Indoor Tree Ceramic Planter

  1. Steve

    Arrived in great shape, alive and healthy and looks great. Within minutes of its arrival I had it unboxed, watered and sitting in my office window soaking up some rays. I have purchased several items from Costa Farms, and while not cheap – they know how to package plants to ship and keep them alive. Great job.

  2. Carolyn Moorhead

    I had a bonzai ficus for several years and really loved it. Recently, I moved and it seems that the movers liked my bonsai too. It never made it to my new address. Of all the losses from the move, I missed the bonsai the most. I was so impressed when my new little tree arrived today. It was very well packaged and in flawless condition for making my day. I purchased it as a birthday gift for myself. It was only a day late for my BD. Thank you

  3. Me

    I was sure buying a plant and having it shipped would result in a dead plant with a broken container but not at all! The plant and container arrived in great shape! I was impressed with the packaging. The plant has lots of new growth so I’m hoping I don’t kill it soon. (I do not have a green thumb.) My only complaint is that water does not penetrate the moss, it just rolls right off. I’ve had to find loose spots to lift an water in those places.

  4. Lindsay

    Purchased this for my mom for mother’s day. Shipped all the way from southern Florida to Wisconsin. Packaged adequately, plant looked awesome at delivery and was bigger than I expected after reading the other reviews. My mom loves it and raves about how fast it’s growing and how it hasnt yet lost a leaf. Win for everyone!

  5. jagjr

    Beautiful plant and although I was not home for a few days when it was delivered-it was still in good shape.

  6. J. Taylor

    I got two of these one as a gift and one for myself. It took it almost three weeks to arrive after ordering it, during the holiday season and it was very cold out, however due to how Costa Farms packages their plants they both arrived in great shape. I’m sure they had an interesting journey in the shipping trucks and planes, but arrived happy with plenty of moisture.

  7. Jackie

    Not what I was expecting to get for a bonsai tree. It’s more like grass. It’s still cute and was packaged well. It didn’t come with the inspirational stone, but it was only $20.Update: 5 stars. Ordered two more and got two different variety. One not even on the list of pictures but I was ok with that because it was unique. I asked Costa Farms what can they do if they send the same one from this specific “mystery tree” buy, and they said to contact them and they’ll said another one out. Great customer service.

  8. Jerilyn Vernotica

    I am SO IMPRESSED with this company and their products. I ordered a bunch of plants that I couldn’t find in my area from a bunch of different sellers on amazon and I was nervous about shipping and how heathy the plants would come. I ordered three from costa farms and I couldn’t be more impressed. They were packaged beautifully and they were SO HEALTHY. The soil was even still wet when I got them and their pots, leaves and branches were in perfect condition. The other five companies I ordered from were not nearly as nice. I will definitely order more plants from costa farms.

  9. wpds

    Purchased on Feb 11, 2018, arrived Feb 15. Packaged well. Had that annoying (but I’m sure, necessary) glued rock on top of the soil, I took that off right away with a small chisel. It’s been kept under a grow light for the most part. I have taken several cuttings from it and they are also doing fine. The yellowing in the later photo is from a lack of humidity, I had a new HVAC installed and it is much more efficient at dehumidifying the room. I plan on repotting it this spring(2019) and growing it outdoors for the summer.

  10. Dominican

    Hi, my plant arrived very pretty and healthy but the leaves started getting brown. I read in a review that it can be sprayed with a little bit of te tree oil in the water, which I did and it worked! But now look at the picture, I do not over water it, I put fertilizer pellets for Bonsais, I touch the soil to make sure it really needs water. I do not know what else to do. The trunk looks wrinkled. Is it dead, what else can I do?

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