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Lucky Bamboo Live Indoor Plant Ceramic Planter

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Costa Farms Grower’s Choice Lucky Bamboo Live Indoor Tabletop Plant in Modern Home Décor, 5-Inch White Ceramic Planter: Garden & Outdoor

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Premium Live Lucky Bamboo Houseplant

Living beautiful quality indoor lucky bamboo grown by the experts at Costa Farms in sunny Florida.

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Easy Care Lucky Bamboo

The Gift of Good Luck

In Asian culture, a gift of Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring you good fortune, luck, wealth, prosperity, and happiness, which make it the perfect gift for events such as graduations, weddings, housewarmings, or business openings.

Passionate About Plants

Houseplants have the magical quality of making any space more inviting, and this makes them ideal décor items for homes and offices. Costa Farms is always working on putting together new plant collections that make it easier for you to pick the plants that are right for you.

Your Shipped Plant

Add small plants as decorative accents or large plants as sculptural assets. Small plants add pops of life to every room in the house. Larger plants create a bold statement in your home. With hundreds of plants to choose from, there’s sure to be a plant perfect for your lifestyle.

Dracaena sanderiana

  1. Intricately arranged stems
  2. They come in every size and shape
  3. Natural choice for interior designs
  4. Popular Feng Shui cure
  5. Great for gift giving
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Easily Adaptable

It’s a slow-growing foliage houseplant that’s easy to care for in a low- or medium-light spot. This indoor plant grows well on desks and tabletops, making it a fun addition to your office, school, or home.

Variety of Braids

Fun and stylish, lucky bamboo brings home décor to life with lasting quality and endless variety. You can find lucky bamboo available in an almost endless variety of arrangements, including heart shapes, twists, curls, and more.

Lucky Bamboo vs. Other Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is related to the dracaenas family and is smaller than actual bamboo. The varieties of bamboo you see growing outside grow rapidly and can overtake a yard. Lucky bamboo is a slow grower and does well indoors. These characteristics make it an ideal houseplant.

Feng Shui

This plant is one of the most recognizable Feng Shui cures. It combines all five Feng Shui elements for a harmonious universe: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Feng shui principles suggest using bamboo to attract vibrant fresh chi. Because the bamboo is a strong plant, it helps to energize your home.


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10 reviews for Lucky Bamboo Live Indoor Plant Ceramic Planter

  1. Peachie

    This bamboo plant arrived safely at the house and sits on the kitchen table. No fertilizer is needed for this plant as mentioned on the tab of paper hanging on the plant.

  2. Sci-guy

    Fabulous product. But what impressed me the most was how they shipped it. Rock solid packing to ensure that a superior product, shipped in a wonderful ceramic planter, remained both superior and wonderful respectively. The documentation for caring for the plant was also very helpful and clear. And the plant I received looked pretty much like the picture (when does THAT ever happen with plants??!!). I would order from these fine people again in a New York Minute!

  3. rboy910

    I was not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised when the bamboo plant arrived. It was bigger than I though it would be and better than the pics online. The packaging was done expertly. It looks great on my mantle and will cherish for a long time.

  4. Paul Ciccotti

    My original review was purposely negative because I hadn’t received it when I was told it had been delivered. I was trying to get someone’s attention. It arrived a couple hours later. It’s a very attractive bamboo plant and I hope to have it for a long time.

  5. P. Von Bargen

    A month ago I bought a bonsai money tree from Costa Farms and was incredibly pleased with the packing, shipping and the quality of the tree. I saw this bamboo plant from the same seller and bought it. It is beyond my expectations! I get so many compliments on it. Costa Farms is the bomb!

  6. Olivia

    I got 4 plants on Earth Day from Costa Farms with their deal, I got them all in earlier this week and they all came in great condition. We got the lucky bamboo, ponytail palm, pothos ivy, and the mother in laws tongue. The ivy and mother in laws tongue came in just plastic temporary pots (we immediately re-potted them in cheap pots we found at Target) while the other two came in permanent ceramic pots. Overall the quality of the plants is great, and they arrived very quickly.

  7. Bill

    I really like my Lucky Bamboo plant. It arrived here in Seattle all the way from Florida in perfect condition late January 2020. I’ve watered weekly with about 1/2 cup of water and let it have indirect lighting as much as possible. Now, 3 months later, it has done very well growing and even sprouted a couple of new little green shoots. It is my only houseplant and I like taking care of it.As far as bringing good luck and fortune, the world has slipped into the worse pandemic in 100 years, and my 401k has plummeted in value since the plant arrived. I’m not holding my little plant responsible for all of that, but the timing is a little suspect.

  8. Shari

    Had a little over a month now. It’s doing well. Came in a nice brown vase and looked exactly like the picture.

  9. Brenda Berry

    This was given as a gift but my grandson loved it. Healthy and growing with a nice vase.

  10. Kristi R.

    Purchased this as a Holiday gift for my boss and I truly was so impressed. This was a beautiful plant, it looked just like the picture. The plant size was nice and mature, and the packaging showed they cared about this plant getting delivered without damage.

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