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Live Cactus Plants Collection


Mini Cactus Plants in Plastic Planters : Garden & Outdoor

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10 reviews for Live Cactus Plants Collection

  1. CJ

    Got these cute cacti today. 20 min later they are in my weiner dog planter. Cute! Arrived in good condition.

  2. Jessica L

    I’m so thrilled with these! They came very well packaged, there was a little dirt spilled but I think that was my fault in trying to open the box – I opened it from the bottom and tried to pull the pots out one at a time, instead of all together, and since it was packaged with some crimped confetti-like paper, the cactus got stuck in it and I pulled the pot out alone, I think that’s where a lot of the soil came from. That said they arrived in great shape, I repotted them within a couple days and they seem to be doing very well – one even sprouted two buds, one of which is open already! (It’s been about a week and a half). I’ve wanted a cactus for forever, I’m so happy with these little guys. Thank you!!

  3. CvS

    I am very impressed with Fat Plants. All the cacti arrived in good condition and were exactly as pictured in the ad. They even put a heating bag in the box. The plants were larger than I expected for 2″ pots. Fat Plants has an online site with care instructions. On word of caution, they are packed in a kind of confetti and I made the mistake of digging it out with my hand and met up with cactus spines. Better to take them out from the bottom opening of the box.

  4. Jay G.

    I purchased these earlier this year as a surprise project for my wife and I. It was winter, and I thought it would be fun to plant some small cactus, but where was I goin to get cactus in Colorado at that time? I looked this up and saw that they would ship in heated packaging, which was impressive. I also knew that we had no idea exactly what we would receive. So keep that in mind, i have shared pictures, but you may not receive the same cactus. They came well protected with some instructions on how to plant and care. I used my 3D printer to print some planters for them. The group photo was right after we planted back in January. The one with the purple/pink flowers blossomed at the end of February, and the one with the orange just blossomed over the last few weeks, we still have flowers on it!Overall we have been very pleased with the quality and great care taken in delivering these to us, thank you! We would definitely buy these again if we decide to do more, these could make great gifts or add to your home or office setting.

  5. Joseppi Knoxville

    Awesome! Great packaging and all cacti were different, as advertised.

  6. Tammy Bonatch

    I bought these as an 8 pack, and they are very cute, and healthy. They were delivered very quickly, and packaged pretty well. a few of the plants had fallen out of the pots, and were loose in the box, with lots of spilled dirt. But the plants were still in good shape, so I brushed them off, and got them planted in some good dirt, watered and fertilized them. And I think they are going to do great once they settle in! I planted 6 in one planter, and 2 in another.

  7. Savannah H

    Wow! These are FANTASTIC! They were very meticulously packed and shipped! I was so shocked as to how good they all looked upon arrival. The company even put a handwritten personalized thank you! It’s all about the details and I will gladly be buyin from Fat Plants from now on! I’d give this 10 stars if Amazon would let me!

  8. AunteyMickey

    These cactus were the perfect birthday gift for someone who lives quite a ways up north from me. Much easier and cheaper to get them shipped by a reliable company than to even try to do it myself, and the selection was amazing! The shipping was very well done, well packed and with care. I was very impressed, and so was the birthday guy!They were exactly what he wanted to start his own little cactus garden in his home. I was glad I took the chance on this, based on the good reviews. I will say as well, that I agree and am most pleased with everything about this company! Thank you!

  9. evas151

    Some of the cacti I received were a bit smaller than I anticipated but overall the plants were in very good condition with well established root systems. I was worried they wouldn’t survive the cold trip over, but they were packaged securely with a heat pack and arrived in perfect condition.

  10. Brit in LA

    I have to admit I was unsure when I ordered these cacti, but I took the plunge and now I am glad.I wonder who it is that packs moss around the base of the plant(inside top of pot) and keeps them in place so well, add the paper shreds that pack the top of the plants. and that explains why even with the best efforts of the USPS they arrived quickly and in near perfect condition.Once these have grown a bit I will be ordering again, with full confidence this time.

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