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Live Air Plants Assorted Variety Species


Shop Succulents | Live Air Plants Hand Selected Assorted Variety of Species, Tropical Houseplants for Home Décor and DIY Terrariums, 3-Pack: Garden & Outdoor

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Details: Air Plants are striking tropical plants capable of absorbing water and nutrients through their leaves. Tillandsias are possibly the most exotic, and enjoyable plants in existence. They flourish in vertical spaces and can be attached to nearly anything. They exist in a variety of shades, colors, and sizes and are among the most carefree plants on earth. Shop Succulents stocks over 50 distinct species enabling us to provide a thrilling variety in each order. Care / Location: Air Plants should be thoroughly watered 2-3 times a week by spraying the plants and exposing them to indirect sunlight; more often in hot or dry climates. For best results, plants should be exposed to enough light and air to allow them to dry within 4 hours post watering. Air plants will not survive in standing water. Optimum temperature range is 50 – 90 degrees F. Decor / Display: Air plants are perfect for DIY terrariums, planters, and wall decorations. Feel free to use your imagination to display plants on your favorite items: – Driftwood, crystals, wreaths, seashells, or coral.


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10 reviews for Live Air Plants Assorted Variety Species

  1. Nana

    My collection arrived promptly, and the box was excellent protection for their trip. The plants have been healthy and thriving. I collect them once a week from their decorative containers, put them in a plastic container that once held lunch meat, and let them soak in about an inch of water for an hour. This seems to make them quite happy for the week ahead. They get a lot of artificial light but are not near a window, as our a/c units have been on for about a week now. Whatever light they’re getting seems to be adequate for their growth.I’m here to buy a second set of these terrific little plants. They are so easy to care for that I want to make a little arrangement on my desk. They are small enough for a small area but interesting enough to provide a little spot of green life. The largest one seems to be preparing to make a flower or shoot of some kind. Can’t wait to see what it is.

  2. pad

    These are so dainty and sweet. Arrived in great condition. Care was definitely taken in growing, packing and shipping. One has bloomed!

  3. Solara

    Ok so I love to read reviews, hate to write them but THIS one deserves it!I was super skeptical about ordering these because I was going cross eyed from all the reviews and listings from other sellers. I said to heck with it and took the plunge!These arrived a day early and they were packaged very well. They were a little “dull” from shipping (I mean we all need to freshen up after travel right?) so I have them a bath in room temp water for an hour and they perked right up!ABSOLUTELY healthy and vibrant! They look great in the displays that I made for a fundraiser (and kept one for myself).Thank you guys for such a GREAT product! Ordering more RIGHT NOW!

  4. Cindy C.

    I had never grown air plants before, but was curious. All the plants arrived in fine shape many months ago. I have them in a NW window in my office. Most of them have put off pups and continue to grow. I made a couple of holders out of some left over 2″ dowel, which I cut to length. I drilled a tiny hole into which I inserted a twisted wire (using a tube).I am now going to order a few large variety to display in some antique bed springs!

  5. Sandra

    I was worried because some of the reviews had mentioned their plants came damaged or dead. I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case for mine. They got a little soak because I felt they needed one but even then they still looked just as they look in my photos. I will definitely be purchasing from this dealer again.


    This was the BEST DEAL EVER! I received 11 rather than 8, each one completely unique, completely healthy and all were a good size…two of them HUGE! I’ve ordered and received several shipments of half-dead, tiny, completely crappy air plants on Amazon, and these were the absolute opposite…completely amazing! Look no further and order with confidence!

  7. Sara and Freddy

    These are a really nice set of air plants! The package had to be signed for so I had to get them from the distro when I missed it, but that wasn’t a big deal for me. They arrived meticulously packaged and I did nothing to them besides place them around my house in bright locations, as the instructions indicated. About a week later, the one in the photo started to bloom! I’m sure that isn’t typical, but it was a huge treat for me. I watered them for the first time today by setting them in distilled water (I used an old-fashioned orange juicer because it’s shallow) for about 15 mintues. These are my first air plants and I do so hope that they continue to do well. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from these guys again. Many thanks!

  8. _simplyb21

    I’ve never bought live plants online before and was pleasantly surprised! My plants are beautiful and one is even starting to bloom. I soaked them in room temperature water for 20 minutes as the instructions said and they really perked up!

  9. diane

    To be honest, I didnt quite get the selection I was hoping for. I am overall happy with the purchase because every single piece was not only healthy, but thriving. The plants were also much larger than I expected, and would not fit into the glass ornaments/ globes I bought for them. I will have to find another way to display them.

  10. Josue Robledo

    Super cool and interesting plants that are perfect for a busy mom like me.They came with a little spray bottle for them which is great and there are so many ways to place them all over your house. I love them and super glad I purchased!

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