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King Sago Palm Tree Live Plant

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King Sago Palm Tree Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier : Garden & Outdoor

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At American Plant Exchange, we have rooted ourselves in our mission to breathe a breath of fresh air — quite literally— back into a world where fabrication has overrun foliage, and nature is hard to come by. Our expertly curated collection of plants is filled with a variety of green-and-leafy air-cleaners to assist you in beautifying and purifying your home, garden, and office.

American Plant Exchange King Sago Palm Tree Live Plant, 6″ Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

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10 reviews for King Sago Palm Tree Live Plant

  1. Jessica Irizarry

    Came in perfect condition. I’m so glad I picked a good place to add to my collection of plant babies. ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  2. Ron Lorelli

    Opened up the box it came in, and found a nice plant. A couple of the ends were a little bent I’m sure from shipping and it moving around in the box. Soil was moist as if it was watered before shipping. It was in great health. I Recommend repotting in a new bigger pot in cactus soil after you get it. Great palm!!

  3. EFar.

    My new baby is home now. It came super well packed, there was some spilling of dirt but nothing massive. It was all green, the roots look healthy and the soil was still humid. I repotted in a larger planter and it is now resting by the afternoon sunlight. Im a newbie at gardening and plants, so, im very optimistic that this saigo palm tree will rule my backyard.

  4. Hannah

    It is true that the pot was an earthen pot that you might find plants growing in a nursery BUT the plant is very healthy and a great color. I am delighted with this purchase and probably will buy more.

  5. chad strohl

    Gorgeous plant, almost 2 weeks later and it’s thriving in Pennsylvania.. the only downside was the pot arrived cracked but it was not handled with care so that’s an issue with the delivery service not the seller

  6. W.W.

    Very happy purchasing this plant.Plan on growing it indoors until it’s big enough to plant in backyard.

  7. candice mcinerney

    Its a beautiful healthy plant 100% exactly what I wanted. The stick in the pot saved the plant from being destroyed in shipping as it arrived upside down and missing most of its soil loose in the bag. But because of the stick its fronds were not able to touch the top of the box and be damaged. I love this sweet little baby already and plan to watch it grow for many years

  8. JT

    Surprisingly this came in perfectly. Alive and not damaged. Wish they had care instructions but otherwise it’s awesome.

  9. Chuck

    Great King Sago plant. Here’s the story: Researching retirement locations. Looking in the southwest and my wife wants our location climate to be able to sustain a “pineapple tree” somewhere on the property. I went looking for a “pineapple tree” plant (King Sago). Found this one to surprise her and we now keep it in the home office as our motivation towards our retirement goals. Stay focused!I was concerned about some of the reviews regarding the pot it was shipped in. Our pot, plant, and soil were in perfect condition, no issues. We will re-pot it as it grows. Already has a new leaf growing.

  10. Josie from USA

    Quirky little palm that was perfect for the center of my large planter box. He looks great there and stands about 18” tall now.Packaged very good and came healthy and ready to plant! There is a 6 week difference in the two pictures! Everything grows in Florida!

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