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Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

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Hirt’s Fiddleleaf Fig Tree – Ficus – Great Indoor Tree – Easy – 6″ Pot

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Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a species of fig tree, native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone. It grows in lowland tropical rainforest. As a house plant the Fiddleleaf Fig is very easy to grow. Provide morning sun or very bright indirect light and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. Trim as needed. Cultivation and uses It is a popular ornamental tree in subtropical and tropical gardens, and is also grown as a houseplant, where it usually stays shorter when put into pots than when grown outdoors. Their main horticultural feature are their large leaves. Like other fig species, it can grow to a large tree if planted in the ground. Like all figs, it is frost tender.


Original version

10 reviews for Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

  1. Trevor

    Buying a live plant on the internet seemed like one of the most dangerous decisions I’d ever made, but it came beautifully and carefully swaddled. It’s been several weeks and my Fiddleleaf Fig is growing handsomely in his new home. Together we enjoy indirect sunlight from a north facing window and listening to the NPR program Serial. We are very happy.

  2. Eugene/Gina

    I wanted a fiddle leaf fig for a while now. I was at Home Depot and ran across a large one with an $89.00 price tag. I knew exactly where to find a reasonable one online. I’ve ordered from Hirt’s several times and am never disappointed. Now, it’s not a large one like Home Depot, but it will grow and I’ll get to watch it grow. It was packaged well and arrived sooner than expected. The picture I posted is after I repotted it the next morning. I have never had a plant not survive under grow lights which is its main source of light. I do not have a lot of sunny windows so I have a lot of grow lights and my plants thrive.

  3. E. Majeski

    I’ve had it almost three months now and it’s gained about 5 new leaves. I’m really impressed with how healthy it is overall. I’ve noticed a few small spots, but after watching some videos from experts and following a few gardners on social media, I realize theirs all pretty much have a few leaves with spots too. These are kind of prone to small holes with brown spots, which is a bacterial issue many get, but good maintenance and care seem to help keep that in control. What you don’t want to do is over-water these or give them too much light. Don’t pluck off the baby leaves at the bottom either, let those naturally fall off over time. Mine is near an east-facing window and it seems really happy since these like filtered light. I turn it at least once a week so all sides get light and the plant doesn’t lean one direction. I only water it when I stick my finger in the top inch or two and can’t feel moisture and I take it out and put it in a big plastic dish to water thoroughly till water runs out the bottom of the clay pot. I didn’t plant it directly in the huge decorative pot because that doesn’t have a hole and these don’t like to sit in water. I started fertilizing with a balanced 1-1-1 Miracle Gro fertilizer about every second time I water and it’s doing great. This plant exceeded my expectations coming from the mail! For the price, go for it. If this one does well and you want a more expensive mature tree later to add to your collection at least you’ll have more experience with it by then, but it seems to grow fast. My first photo is From about 3 months after I got it. My second photo is 5 months after it arrived. Have patience, fertilize, and rotate your plant regularly so it doesn’t lean toward the window.

  4. Lydia Reardon

    I am obsessed with my fiddle leaf fig tree!! It’s my baby. It arrived healthy, my only complaints being it had a few small brown spots, and was very dusty. I want to say I’ve had it for 3 months now or so. It’s grown two leaves and I’d say maybe grown 1-2 inches (take this with a grain of salt as it’s winter here so not its growing season).CARE TIPS I’VE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY: Sit it in front of a window that gets lots of sun, get a water bottle and spritz its leaves down once a day with warm water, water it thoroughly 1x a week or so (let it get pretty dry first). If it gets dusty, wipe its leaves down gently with a damp cloth. Give it plant food once a month. Turn it a few times a week so it grows straight. Keep it away from drafts.

  5. CBrowne

    This little plant is growing rapidly! When it arrived in was in very wet soil with a plastic bag wrapped around the base of the plant, over the soil to keep in the moisture. And another plastic bag over the leaves for protection. Because of this, the plant had developed tiny brown spots on the leaves, rust. Rust is a fungus, due too much moisture. I immediately removed plastic bag and the top inch of soil, there was a lot packed on top. I did this to help the soil dry out faster and hopefully supply the roots with some oxygen! I then trimmed the “in-between” leaves to help the other leaves breathe better and not harvest moisture between each other. I did not remove all infected leaves, that would be a mistake as you should never remove more than about 30% of the leaves, they need to absorb sun to take in nutrients, especially baby plants. I wiped down the leaves with a water and neem oil mix, cleaning them as best as possible without harming the plant. I put him outside in INdirect bright sun for 3-4 days/nights. The soil dried out, I transported him into a larger container for an indoor pot. Thoroughly watered him with some plant food and he is doing wonderfully! I think overall, it was worth it. Would recommend for someone looking for an inexpensive fig tree. Just be ready to do a little work.

  6. Belinda H Rubino

    This is a beautiful plant, I bought it and another from you, the one in the middle is a twig I unfortunately bought from another seller. You sent two great plants. One of these will be a housewarming gift for a friend, I hope she likes it as much as I do. I went to after watching Sunday Morning on August 14, 2016, where they praised the beauty and benefits of owning a “Fiddleleaf Fig Tree”. I love the foliage and I will purchase other plants from you in the future! My only recommendation to improve the clarity of the item description would be to add a rule in the photo to show the height, I wasn’t sure what that block was standing next to the plant.

  7. angnim

    Updated review: I have had this plant for two years and it is beautiful and growing extremely fast. It went from a foot tall to 7 feet tall. It gets a lot of sun and I live in Phoenix so it loves the constant sunshine which might account for how well it’s growing. I want it to branch but instead it has been growing straight up in a column. I just cut the top off to see if that creates branching. I love this plant.

  8. Katy

    This was the first time I ever ordered a plant from the Internet and although I had my doubts, I am very impressed! My little tree arrived today safe and sound and looks very healthy! Not damaged at all and appears to be in fine shape. The soil was nice and moist. Not too dry or soggy. I am so glad I took ordered this beautiful tree from Hirt’s and I look forward to seeing it grow.

  9. mariedorer

    I received 3 flf. In one pot. Was packaged well and came a day early! The largest was almost a ft tall, middle about six in and a tiny 3in plant. The largest had a bud ready to open. When it did, I was very disappointed to see a very ‘hole- riddled’ browninsh yellow leaf. I contacted seller and he did replace. Replacement was a much taller single tree that has done beautifully. My original had a hard time after I cut the bad leaf, but it is doing well now. All three have had new growth. Largest one may have some vanity issues with missing leaf, but I still love him! He’s still small so I’m hoping he will look better next summer. Was so pleased the seller sent me a new one free anyway! I would def recommend as seller can not always control what happens to the plant during shipping and how they react to the shipping process.Pictures are of original when received, original now (you can see where I cut and all the new growth above), original (all three), replacement plant, and both together!

  10. shelby giorgio

    Great little tree! A full grown fiddleleaf tree is out of my budget so I am so happy that I found this little guy. The plant arrived healthy and while it did loose a few leafs within the first few weeks it never struggled and it is growing very nicely. Thank you Hirt’s!

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