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Assortment Hand Selected Cactus

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Can’t Touch This Collection | Assortment of Hand Selected, Fully Rooted Live Indoor Cacti Plants, 5-Pack: Garden & Outdoor

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10 reviews for Assortment Hand Selected Cactus

  1. JSP85

    Succulents arrived well packaged, alive, and just needing a little water. The 6 I received are pictured and I’m no succulent expert but I think they look healthy and good!

  2. Laura

    I ordered a huge mix of succulents before and was blown away by the packaging and diversity, so I tried these. The soil was very messy (especially vs my last experience) but all arrived safely which is the most important. They have been living for a few weeks now, so they seemed to take being planted. I’d recommend getting these. I can’t tell you how much to water as I feel that depends on where you live and how much moisture you have in the air.

  3. Amorris

    The description said these would come in a two inch pot , so i knew they would be small . However , I was hoping they would be more established. Some of the cactus were literally just sitting in a pot with some loose dirt thrown on top of them . I bought my own decorative planters to repot them , and some cactus soil. Hopefully I can keep them alive. They aren’t labeled at all so its been extremely difficult trying to identify them . There are different light and water requirements for different cactus so i was hoping to know what they are . If you’re looking for something that looks nice and decorative right out of the box , its probably best to buy fake succulent instead. I think these will take some time to grow .

  4. casper

    I was pleasantly surprised with these succulents. UPS left the box upside down on my steps but they were well packaged so they were ok. They are smaller than you would expect, however, they are healthy and beautiful. When I transferred them I noticed their roots were very thick. I’m happy with my purchase

  5. Joy2theworld

    Packaged well and were easy to transplant after I received them. One lasted less than two weeks but the rest are still alive and doing well. We put two to a pot.

  6. Dianna Christopher

    After reading all the comments about poor packaging and shipping I bought two sets expecting a lot of plants would be lost. I just received the package and have two full sets of tiny beautiful plants. Thank you!

  7. Kyla

    Loved the succulents, I have purchased other succulents off of Amazon and they all died within a couple of months. These had a beautiful assortment of colors, they transplanted very well, and they were packaged well. Would definitely purchase from this company again!

  8. Haim Sar

    The plants arrived super fast in pristine packaging – dry soil surrounded by the shredded paper. i cannot remember when i was so happy with the quality of the products on amazon.The plants are fully rooted (massive roots with babies growing). – I replanted them immediately to my potshowever reading some of the reviews it seems like people are do not understand what they are buying.Those are succulents that do not like lots of water. The best way to ship it is in the dry soil. It’s supposed to be like that and that way they won’t rot and die. Of course they get tumbled during the shipping – but haworthias are very resilient and are perfectly fine with that. Just brush the dust off and water excessively and leave it be for a week.Great quality and my plants are thriving!

  9. Amazon Customer

    After reading all of the reviews I was hoping the plants would arrive dead so I could blame their demise on the seller. ALAS, they arrived in good shape and very much alive. I was expecting you all to do all the nasty plant murdering. Whelp, a woman has to do what a woman has to do. I am going to spend the next few months drowning them and then completely forgetting they exist. *Fingers crossed* they like this type of treatment. I have named this arrangement Mando the Empire Slayer. May the force be with you.

  10. BL

    Perfect for our little windowsill pots. Well packaged. Nice variety and in healthy shape. Gave them a good drink of water and can’t wait to see how they do! Better than I expected. Thank you!

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