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Leaf & Linen 6″ Grow Pot


Leaf & Linen 6″ Grow Pot, Live Indoor/Outdoor-Air Houseplant and Office Décor | Low Light Collection, 6 INCH, Janet Craig’ Dracaena Fragrans: Garden & Outdoor

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Size:6 INCH | Style:Janet Craig – Dracaena Fragrans

Known as the ‘Janet Craig’ plant, this upright indoor plant is popular staple in both homes and offices due to its low maintenance requirements. To keep its long, tapered vibrant green leaves, place in low to medium light and allow the top 50% of the soil to dry between waterings. Feed twice a year at half dilution and make sure not to provide too much fertilizer or this will cause leaf burn. Keep away from direct sunlight. Thrives best in low to moderate light and conditions.





Dumb Cane, English Ivy, Neanthe 'Bella Palm', Snake Plant – Sanseveria Laurentii, ZZ Plant – Zanibar Gem, Janet Craig – Dracaena Fragrans, Snake Plant -Sanseveria Zeylanica

1 review for Leaf & Linen 6″ Grow Pot

  1. William L. Lucas

    WE are very happy with the plant so we reordered another and a great price plant was very healthy.

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