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6″ Mid Century Modern Pots

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6 Inch Pots for Plants in Mid Century Modern Indoor Planter Design- These Ceramic Planters are Beautiful Indoor Plant Pots with Drainage- Perfect Housewarming Gift – Plant Not Included: Kitchen & Dining

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ceramic pot<img alt=”ceramic pot” src=”,0,1348,834_PT0_SX970_V1___.jpg”>CAN’T FIND THE PERFECT POTS FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL PLANTS?

Having indoor houseplants in your home is a complete game-changer. Even the most bleak-looking spaces can be livened up by a couple of plants. The contrast of muted colors with the vibrant green leaves pleases anyone who walks in the room, especially your guests. However, indoor plants do more than just look pretty. They help maintain the air quality in your room, aids your concentration, and helps relieve stress. As such, it’s only fitting to place your beloved plants in pots that highlight their beauty and splendor. Most importantly, the pots you’re getting should provide a hospitable environment for your plants to survive.

The 6-inch Devon Pots by Fivoli Home combines both beauty and practicality in one plant pot!

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Fivoli<img alt=”Fivoli” src=”,0,678,678_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpeg”> Home<img alt=”Home” src=”,0,678,678_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpeg”> Ceramic<img alt=”Ceramic” src=”,0,678,678_PT0_SX300_V1___.jpeg”>

Suits any motif and aesthetic

All furniture, accessory, and statement pieces in your home should be one with the style you have in mind. These stylish plant pots are designed to complement all the design plans you have in mind. The pots suit minimalist, modern, traditional, eclectic, and contemporary homes. Let these plant pots hold your beloved greenery while still staying faithful to your design choices.

Won’t damage surfaces

We carefully designed our plant pots to become a cozy shelter for your plant collection. However, we also made sure our pots won’t damage the surfaces on which they will be placed. The anti-scratch pads attached at the bottom of the pot protects the surface of your office desk, nightstand, or coffee table. The pads also prevent these surfaces from accumulating scratches or scuffs whenever you transfer the pots to other tables or rooms.

Pots that are built to lasf

Invest in a high-quality plant pot for your lush collection of plants and decorative greenery. The plant pots measure 6.25”, 5.5” inner, and stands 5.75” tall. Our planters will make incredible pots for all types of indoor plants. The body is made from ceramic fired at high temperature, allowing the pots to withstand harsh weather. Each pot is glazed with a matte finish and hand-polished by pottery artisans, resulting in a sleek texture. Since the pots are fired, there might be minor size and color differences from what you see on mobile and desktop.


Matt Black, Matt Dark Grey, Matt White

9 reviews for 6″ Mid Century Modern Pots

  1. Lois Stanley

    It’s an attractive planter ,I like that it has a drainage hole and my plant likes it,just checked I have a new leaf

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love the look and great quality of this pot. Although I’ve not yet transplanted this plant into it just yet (you can see the white of the other pot), I already plan to purchase a couple more to complete the look for that area of my home.

  3. Amy McClintock

    One day early during this pandemic I thought some plants would really liven our home up. I haven’t been able to fill them yet, but the black one is a great accent piece! It is the same material as the other pots, and the wood accent ties it right in.

  4. Michaelyn Wipf

    Loved it so much, I ordered another.

  5. Solmaz

    Perfect size for my bamboo

  6. Eric Fritz

    Nicest pot I bought

  7. Trishala

    Very pretty planter. Love the matte finish

  8. Socialite00

    I love the design of my 6” pot for my plant. It’s beautiful and adds the perfect touch to my decor.

  9. Sarah Powers

    Love this pot. I have my monstera potted in it currently. I wish it came in larger sizes because i would buy more. Its a very good quality pot.

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