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2 Set Large Mid-Century Pots


Set of 2 Large Plant Pots by Fox & Fern – 12″ and 15″ – Perfectly Fit Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand – Drainage Plug – Matte White: Kitchen & Dining

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Size:15 inch + 12 inch | Color:Matte White

Bundle of 2 large plant pots.


8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 15 inch + 12 inch, Family


Glossy White, Matte White, Stone Black

10 reviews for 2 Set Large Mid-Century Pots

  1. White Goodman

    UPDATED REVIEW – 5 stars!!I contacted the company to let them know we had received a planter with a slight imperfections and not only were they super responsive, but they also offered to send us another planter at no extra cost. They let me know when it has been shipped and it arrived very quickly in the mail. It was absolutely perfect (like the first one we ordered from them previously) and our fiddle leaf plant looks beautiful in it (see photos). We currently have three planters from them, different sizes, and I will be ordering from them again. Great customer service as they truly care about the quality of their products and customer satisfaction. I also love the free extra planter they offer with your purchase. I highly recommend this brand, their planters and stands.OLD REVIEW:I love the modern, clean, simple look of the planter. I also love the material. Great quality (at least the previous one we ordered was) and SUPER light! This is our second 12″ planter by Fox & Fern. We LOVED the first one so much that wanted to get another one for a different space of the house and was sad to receive this defective planter with a hole that has evidently been patched up (see attached photos). I am obviously not going to go through the trouble of putting my plant in it and water it to see if/when water starts leaking out. Will return and contact their customer service. I will update my review once I hear back.

  2. maddiedog

    I have two of these now and they are expensive, but worth every penny.I love how lightweight yet sturdy the pots are – perfect for someone that may have to move the plant from time to time (as someone who recently moved… my other-brand pots were a pain to transport)! The stands are very sturdy and absolutely beautiful – smooth finished wood and perfectly cut. But the winning feature to me is that the drainage hole is not in the middle!! It’s off to the side – which is not something normally considered, but with the stand crossing in the middle, a centered drain hole would just create a mess.It is obvious that the creators are plant-lovers and have spent a lot of love & energy creating a pot that is both beautiful & functional while also fixing all the annoyances of the standard potted plant.

  3. mermie

    I was looking to upgrade my plant pot for my growing fiddle leaf and wanted something neutral in color. I have a tendency to buy things in bold colors and then everything looks a bit random. I have been trying to buy more white pots to allow the bright green color of my indoor houseplants to be the focal point. The ease of picking a pot and having a cohesive stand that was sure to fit properly was a great find on amazon. Now I wish I had bought the bundles for multiple pots and gotten the discount because it is so beautiful I want more already! Love the size and the material that makes it sturdy but not so heavy I can’t move it myself. And I love the engraved fox logo on the stand too. Love that I found this company and have already recommended to family to purchase too.

  4. Aaron Ikehara

    “=The planter and pot together help accentuate our living space w/clean, simple lines. The white pot with our fiddle fig tree compliment each so well. Both components seem to be sturdy. The first 10” pot arrived with a minor hairline crack; exchanged it for another one. Very happy with the purchase.

  5. Jana N. Salamanca

    I researched and researched mid-century plant stands and time after time I was re-directed back to Fox & Fern. I loved the multiple sizes offered and different colors of wood, the clear descriptions on amazon and most of all – I really dug that they sold a MATCHING pot to fit perfectly into my stand. I ordered the stand & pot combo, they also offered a discount if you ordered both. That sealed the deal for me. Love discounts and don’t understand why more companies don’t offer them. The items arrived on time, if not early and everything was carefully packaged. I loved that they engraved their brand onto the wood, nice detail. Fabulous product and i’m looking forward to ordering more. I would also love to see more sizes and most of all more perfect fitting pots to go with the stands! They are a dream. (for reference – in my picture, the items pictured are: the 10″ plant pot in matte white and the acacia 10″ plant stand – plant NOT included).”

  6. Caryn C

    Arrived in great condition. The stand is well crafted and was assembled in literally seconds without any tools which is great. The fox and fern pot fits perfectly in it. it’s stand. I was worried that the cross beam design would leave room for wiggling but the pot is really sturdy in place inside the stand.I accidentally ordered the wrong size (10 inch liner pot doesn’t fit in the 10 pot which is a ‘derp’ on my part) I could remove the liner and plant it directly in the pot but was worried about leaks, though the pot does have a removable plug to it’s credit. I enjoyed the pot and stand so much that I ended up just keeping it and ordering a second in the larger 12 inch. The matching set will look nice together and it just means I’ll get another nice plant to go in my 10 inch pot and stand!My only CON would be that when I got the pot it had a bit of a chemical smell on the inside, I think it was a mix of the pot materials or maybe just the white color spray. I let it air out though for a few days and it went away.

  7. Rachel Ravellette

    We’re in the middle (ok, the ugly beginning) of a total living room overhaul and makeover and we unwisely started it during the busiest season of the year for both adults at work and back-to-school so it’s going…. slowly. I needed just one glimpse of the calm and beautiful end goal of our midcentury modern redo in the midst of ripping up floors, painting, putting in new trim, switching out furniture, etc. so I bought a plant and went on the hunt for the perfect pot and plant stand. THIS. IS. IT. It is a glimpse of beauty in the mess of an in-progress makeover. Once the living room is done and I know where I can sneak in more plants, I’ll be purchasing more Fox & Fern pots and stand to show off the little green bébés and give them lovely homes.

  8. Matt S.

    This planter and plant stand has exceeded all of my expectations, even after I read hundreds of glowing reviews online. The stand itself is thick, sturdy, and clearly made of high-quality wood. I chose the Walnut color, and the stain is uniform and beautiful. I also loved how easy it was to put together (the two pieces simply snap together based on a very smart design, with no tools required).The planter itself is even better. It’s made of a really cool material that feels very durable and sturdy, but was much lighter than I expected. The 12″ planter that I ordered fit perfectly into the stand (glad I didn’t purchase a planter and plant stand separately and hope for the best). Most importantly, the planter and stand made the perfect home for my new fig tree.Can’t say how happy I am with this purchase, and I HIGHLY recommend both of these products to customers looking for a beautiful, high quality plant stand at a reasonable price.

  9. Amy S.

    Shortly before we were ordered to stay home from Covid-19, I was in Lowes and spotted a beautiful Fiddle Leaf plant. On a whim I decided to buy it knowing I had nothing at home to repot it but figured there would be time for that. After we were all asked to stay-at-home and I found I had more time on my hands I started looking. I looked everywhere online…target, wayfair, lowes, home depot and, of course, amazon. That is where I found fox and fern and was so impressed with the quality, look, options, and pricing. I was a little nervous after reading some of the reviews that said the pot arrived cracked, the stand’s stain was splotchy, etc. However, most reviews with unhappy customers also mentioned the exceptional customer service so I went ahead and placed an order for a white, matte finished 12″ pot and walnut finished stand. They both arrived in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful. The pot could fit either way, was super easy to assemble and I couldn’t be happier. Also, the spot where my plant now lives is carpeted which also made me nervous with a stand like this since ALL the pictures online of this type of stand is on hardwood, tile, etc. My stand is sturdy on carpet and I am not in the least bit concerned of it toppling over. Thank you for providing such a great product and making my small little space so much better especially when the world is upside down right now. ”

  10. chupacabra

    After rooting an avocado pit 2+ years ago, the resulting plant has grown to the extent that it’s now large enough to be a focal point in my living room. After searching high and low for the perfect vessel to display this towering tree, I stumbled upon Fox & Fern’s white planter and mid-century modern plant holder on Amazon. It looked lovely online, and the price was right, so I took the plunge. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The planter looks exactly like white ceramic, but is made of a lightweight material that’s far less cumbersome (and breakable) than ceramic. The stand is well-crafted, sturdy, and beautiful in its simplicity, and the planter fits perfectly in it. My avocado tree looks stunning since being transplanted. I will definitely turn to Fox & Fern for all of my future planting needs.

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